This is the early demo.

The latest version is available on Steam:

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no sound but still gold

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Interesting game! It's quite entertaining.

A shame is so buggy at times, like when using a card that has no use and gets stuck. I had to reset the game because I can't Transmute my only card in the hand, which is a treasure.
Also, Arcanic Staff got stuck after choosing, for some reason?

Love the game! Just a few notes on making it better:

1. Sound effects.

2. More controlled ways of thinning your deck. Exiling cards later in the game is good, but it needs to be controlled.

3. Making it easier to obtain gold. I've never once managed to get out of a dungeon.

4. Some way to put aside treasures without exiling them? Like just discarding them? They've gotten in the way of my Last Words a lot.

5. Also, there's a glitch where if you throw a card at an invalid target, it'll just hover there stuck until it's pulled back out.

Thx for feedback

We are now working on a new version and some of your wishes are already in new build. Stay tuned for new updates)))